Network News

12-30-2014: Ending 2014 with fewer sites but more traffic and more focused niches!
2-7-2014: Launched some new sites and am selling others so send offers if you see any of interest.
9-12-2013: Still alive, birdbucks paysites going strong.  freesites are still getting retooled, some sold some upgraded.
1-7-2013: Been working behind the scenes updating sites and converting them to new backends.  
6-7-2012: Setup as tube.
2-21-2012: Updated and design and content.
2-20-2012: Converted into a tgp style design.  Taking hardlink trades only
2-07-2012: Switched hosting companies, everything should be smooth and awesome.
10-06-2011: Redesigned and converted trade script
10-01-2011: Setup for hardlink trades only no more scripts
9-12-2011: Updated now looking for hardlink trades, no script
9-02-2011: Updated now open for hardlink trades, no script
8-30-2011: Converted to new trade script, removed old content.
8-23-2011: Switched and to tradepulse script
8-20-2011: Upgraded with new trade script and content.  Converted to blog format
7-28-2011: Upgraded with new trade script and adding more content.
7-08-2011: updated and growing looking for more trades
6-15-2011: Fixing by removing faulty scripts, new trades open
6-13-2011: Converted to tube format and redesigned and all open for trades
5-28-2011: Updating old niche sites, first done: 
1-07-2011: Replacing older scripts 
10-06-2010: Building some new tube sites.  
8-17-2010: Traveling and updating sites.  Paysite is growing with lots of quality content so get promoting!
7-12-2010: Converted into thumb tgp and changed trade script so signup your big boob sites here to trade  also building into shemale tube site
6-28-2010: Changed traffic script, updating next.
5-26-2010: Redid with new tgp & trade script, gets good se traffic. 
5-19-2010: Changed scripts on now open for new trades, gets great se traffic.  Developing 
4-22-2010: Back from traveling, updating older sites and adding more tools to paysites 
3-28-2010: I've been traveling and working on new sites too.  Going to be at The Phoenix Forum again this year and before that I'll be in Las Vegas so lets me and do some biz!
1-15-2010: A new year!  Will be launching a legal exgf paysite under birdbucks soon.  Also started as amateur blog
12-21-2009: Back from Ireland.  Enjoy the holidays!
11-20-2009: Back from trip to Jamaica.  Looking for shemale trades
10-12-2009: Relaunching into a hq thumb tgp.
9-20-2009: Back from traveling, continuing work especially on tube.
8-23-2009: Traveling in SE Asia networking with webmasters.
7-13-2009: stabalized around 20k.  Going traveling the next 2 months but will continue to work including more blogs. 
6-11-2009: Converted into an adult video/tube site.  Now accepting traffic trades
5-19-2009: Converting into a blog/rating free site, taking hardlink trade requests.
4-16-2009: Had a great time at The Phoenix Forum continuing to travel and develop relationships.  Birdbucks continues to grow and my freesite projects are stable
1-07-2009: Launched and blog
12-2-2008: Updated with a new script and launching 
11-21-2008: is a new blog in the catfight niche I am building.
11-03-2008: ready for promotion via this new paysite has tons of potential and should sell well!
10-20-2008: setup and trading actively.  Other tgp domains setup and open for trades.  
9-15-2008: Removed autolinks from all sites, if you want to trade with a site please email me directly. is now a tgp.
8-8-2008: Been building large amounts of galleries, going to retool another freesite with a new cms script soon.  Continuing paysite developments.
6-7-2008: Retooling TGP's, all under new tgp script and updating daily.   
5-13-2008: Returned from trip to Thailand where I discussed business. fully launched. 
4-7-2008: Phoenix Forum pics working on new paysite 
3-7-2008: Officially launching check it out and promote it.  Planning for Phoenix Forum and continuing to build content for network. 
2-10-2008: Got hit with a virus and had to waste days fixing my computers but all is not lost, will launch soon with 3 toon paysites and TONS of great tools due to a new partnership with an old school webmaster.  Stay TOONED!
1-20-2008: Soft launch of my own cash program for my paysites with multiple tools that should increase affiliate sales!
12-21-2007: Paysites are rocking, continuing to build more niche sites.
11-30-2007: Tweaked tour on to increase conversions.  Continuing traffic generation across the network.
10-25-2007: has recieved a favorable review at Richards Realm!  Also have streamlined freesite submitting and will be releasing fhs & fhg for paysites in the near future.
10-9-2007: & have been open for a month and basic affiliate program open at this time.  Continuing to develop feeder traffic sources.  Relaunching as linklist
8-27-2007: Developing blogs: & with plans for more futanari developments and further traffic generating sites for paysites.
8-8-2007: Recouperating from Internext, good to meet everyone!  
7-21-2007: Launching a shemale paysite  Also doing a 3d toon paysite, as well as  Slowly building & into quality tgps.  Preparing for Internext Florida, if you want to talk hit me up! 
5-7-2007: Finally graduated college, going to be reworking many older sites, currently trying to launch 
4-12-2007: Missed Phoenix due to health issues, continuing to work on  
3-10-2007: Will be attending Phoenix Forum so anyone wanting to talk hit me up to schedule a time!  Moved some sites to new hosting, should increase stability. 
2-18-2007: Visited Spokane, WA & Las Vegas  
1-5-2007: Back from Bangkok, enjoyed the weather and business talks with webmasters.  Will post pictures soon. 
12-18-2006: Going to Bangkok Dec20-Jan4th for business.  Continuing to develop new sites including and adding new content to existing sites. 
10-10-2006: Still alive!  Planning trip to Bangkok for Christmas/new years and tweaking sites! 
9-6-2006: Creating 
8-22-2006: Release for trades
8-19-2006: Back from a weeklong trip to Bangkok to network, best trip ever!
7-20-2006: Created as a blog.
7-13-2006: Created to capitalize on her newly released hardcore home made sex video!
7-8-2006: Designing should release in few days.
6-26-2006: Major innovations on looking for more quality trades as well.
5-15-2006: Working on overhaul of network, concentrating on SEO content so if you have a site you want included hit me up asap!
4-6-2006: Survived Phoenix Forum!  Was good meeting with the people that attended
3-23-2006: Gearing up for Phoenix Forum, if you're going be sure to hit me up so we can do some biz!  Also moved most of my sites to a new host (colo-cation) to increase stability.
2-16-2006: Overhauling many of the older sites in the network, cleaning old galleries and adding new ones.  Started on
2-14-2006: Sorry for lack of updates, sites continuing to run and new projects are in the works.  Also preparing for Pheonix Forum so if you are going let me know and we can setup a meeting!
12-07-2005: Slight update to the "Make Money" section, tweaking older sites as time provides. 
11-16-2005: Gearing up for hunting season and the holidays.  Sites still running strong, added some more articles to 
10-10-2005: Creating a unique webmaster resource site at: if anyone would like to contribute articles or information please contact me via ICQ.  I am also now available for consultation if you need help building sites.
09-19-2005: Experiencing some health problems the last few months, still running my existing sites but most future expansion plans are on hold.
06-01-2005: Enjoying summer at the beach.  If you want ad spots leave an icq message or contact rusty.
05-10-2005: Returned from my trip to Montreal for WebmasterAccess East.  Big thanks to for sponsoring the parties.  Planning to buckle down and create some new marketing now.
04-18-2005: I am back from my weekend getaway to Florida to Visit HeyMatty owner of Now preparing for Webmaster Access East in Montreal, hit me up to meet there! 
03-10-2005: I am back from NYC, thanks to CityStyleCreations & Duke Dollars for partying it up with me!  Starting redesign of 
02-12-2005: is open for link trades so signup and start getting hits!
02-05-2005: Developing into a nn free site.  Also exploring cooperative relationships, hit me up if you want to expand your biz.
01-08-2005: Home from Vegas finally, got a lot of business done and had tons of fun partying it up too! If we talked in vegas be sure to hit me up so we can follow up with plans.
12-17-2004: Preparing for internext, will be there 30th-7th so if you see me say "HI", I'll buy you a beer!  Researching more diverse niches and ideas.
11-18-2004: Been very busy living life, working a bit and exploring new niches.  I am also very ready to hit up Internext in Vegas!  Anyone that wants to discuss biz hit me up before!
10-20-2004: has grown to about 50k/day now and is available for trades and submissions. 
9-10-2004: Started development of and expansion into the shemale/tranny niche.   
8-18-2004: Returned from Internext in Florida yesterday, had a great time meeting everyone and networking.  Pictures available if I met you!  The photoshoots were fun too. 
6-22-2004: Planning more trips thoughout the summer to network and promote the Network.  Also started recruiting models at:  
5-13-2004: Preparing for NYC trip & meetings, if you want to meet and greet hit me up!  
5-01-2004: launched today and is now open for link trades especially with breast related websites!  
3-22-2004: is selling advertising spots on all my own nn sites as well as other high quality nn sites.  Spots have filled up quickly so if you want quality traffic check it out today.
2-28-2004: Completed design work on a new lesbian/kissing nn site which is now open for link trades.
2-25-2004: is growing and all sites linking it are getting good returns, I suggest you check it out and signup!
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